img349 img344 img345 img346 img348 Although automobile racing had occurred pre WW2 on the dry lakebeds of the Mojave desert it wasn't until after the War that the returning servicemen had developed the skills and knowledge to take it to the next level. Many of the original racers had become aircraft engineers at Edwards AFB and honed their Flathead tuning skills on the Allison engines of the P-51 Mustangs. Advancements with the jet aircraft engine also allowed for advancements in how fast an engineer could make an automobile run. Veterans also discovered that certain elements of their military issued gear blended easily into civilian life. Khaki pants and Navy dungarees were a common sight on the lakes following the War. USAAF Flight goggles and cloth helmets were very popular with drivers as were leather USAAF flight jackets such as the A-2 and B-3, as were Army M-41s and USN N-1s and G-1's, all are prevalent in images from this era. Clothing was strictly functional for the racers with warmth, durability and low cost the key criteria and their issued clothing served this purpose perfectly!