M444 copy m42   m41 m43 Currently in development in the Eastman workshop is the much anticipated US Navy M-444. The jacket will form part of our 'original maker' range, emulating the version made by the Monarch Mfg Co. Authentic details such as labels, and the unique 'Anchor Brand' slide buckles, which are synonymous with the US Navy sheepskin jackets, have already been produced so it's release is imminent. The M-444 was the standard issue, intermediate weight, sheepskin flight jacket of the US Navy during the 1930s and early 40s. Produced in smaller quantities than its heavy weight counterparts, the M-445 and M-445A, original surviving examples are few and far between. The design is virtually identical to that of the M-445, and is often confused with it, however, the M-444 is made from a much lower pile fleece (1/4 inch, compared to 1 inch), making it more versatile for general use.